Jubilee cupcakes!

Happy diamond anniversary Queenie. And to mark the occasion here’s some British inspired cupcakes. What better to some up the great British Summer than strawberries 🙂 yum! And to make them more Jubilee esque I decided to make red sponge in red cup cake cases and blue/cream swirled butter icing. Unfortunately the blue came out more green but you get the idea!
I also really wanted to use Union Jack cases but searched high and low and couldn’t find any 🙁 my local bakery had sold out! Never mind, they’ve still gone down a treat with the family 🙂
To make them I used the ingredients before along with my lovely Tala measuring cup and new Tala baking tray! The cupcake cases fit so well in the tray as it’s more of a muffin tray so the dishes are much deeper. Before I was using my Mums old cupcake baking tray where they’re really shallow and I found sometimes especially when using moulded cupcake cases they would shift about or droop. But this one held the cases in much better 🙂 So thank you Tala! I also got a lovely new cake stand from Tala which I can’t wait to use. I would definitely recommend their baking items, they’re all really well made, pretty and do the job!
Also just noticed the measuring cup is a Union Jack! Ha how perfect.

Tala actually have a new website now where you can find recipes, tips and where to buy ingredients/products! Take a look here.


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