Indian Ocean

Models Own: Indian Ocean and Pastel Pink
I have finally got around to using my Indian Ocean polish I picked up from the Models Own bottle shop in London last month. I have heard mixed reviews about this particular polish from the Beetlejuice collection and I can see why. It isn’t as strong a colour as say the ‘Pinky Brown’ shade and after two coats you can still see nail slightly. And I hate it when you can still see your nail tips through the polish, ew! However I then had the idea to do a nail design to funk them up a bit so I got out my trusty Pastel Pink and did this design. I hand paint this on, I find using tape is too tricky. And if your lines aren’t perfect go over the seam with a nail art pen (I’ve used white) to hide any wobbly bits!
By doing the pink free hand you do end up with quite a bit of polish on your finger but I use a cotton bud dipped in remover to tidy it up 🙂
I have now used the Indian Ocean colour as a top coat over another polish and it’s come out lovely so I may have to post this too!

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