Ice-cream Cupcakes

Makes 8
4oz caster sugar
4oz butter
4oz self raising flour
2 eggs
Ok so I’ve totally stolen these from Katy. I saw her post about them the other week and knew I had to try them out. You may have seen me post a photo on instagram the other day, and a few of you asked em to put up the recipe so here you are!
My recipe makes roughly 8 although mine did rise quite a bit so you might be able to make like 9 out of it?! 
Anyway you basically make the cake mixture as normal. Cream the butter and sugar together, sift in the flour and add the eggs.
You then need to cover the ice-cream cones in foil so they don’t burn in the oven.

You then need to put the cake mixture into the ice-cream cones. I filled mine up to about an inch from the top but they still rose a little too high. It’s trial and error really.
You then bake them as normal. I baked mine on 160 degrees for about half an hour. I checked them at 20mins and they hadn’t seem to cook at all so I didn’t think they were going to work. But then about 10mins later they had risen and were cooked all the way through. 
It’s best to stab them with a fork to double check the middle’s not soft!
To decorate cream 4oz of butter and 8oz of icing sugar together and pipe! I split mine half and half and added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the one half. I then piped them on top of the cooled cakes. Add sprinkles and a flake and you have ice-cream cupcakes 🙂
You can decorate them how you like. Could add nuts or ice-cream syrup to make them even more ice-cream like. The possibilities are endless!
Have fun baking! x

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