Sweet Monday meets Smugpug Sunday

Ok so this post is EXTREMELY late I apologise! But about 2 weeks ago I travelled to London to meet my dear old friend Kristy from Smugpug. Our friendship goes back years but it’s only ever been online so this was a very special day. 
Thankfully we got on like a house on fire and I’ve found we have even more in common than I thought… Kristy is pretty much me! We had a lovely morning wandering round Westfield shopping centre, where I hadn’t been before and we really only wanted to go their to visit the Models Own bottle shop. Where of course we picked up some nail polish 😉 I chose three of the Beetlejuice polishes which I am ashamed to say I hadn’t tried before, tut tut Kim! 
After this we headed back to central and Kristy put up with me umming and ahhing in Forever 21 for about an hour haha before we grabbed a much needed Wagamama’s. Mmm! We’re both so alike we even picked the same dish 🙂 separated at birth I think!
So all in all it was a great day in London and I can’t wait to see her again and definitely make it more of a regular thing. If you don’t already follow her blog please do because she’s an absolute beaut 🙂
Oh and I really now want one of those cool olloclip’s to produce photo’s like the last one! Very jealous.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Hasn’t the weather been amazing?! 🙂 I had last week off work, I don’t think I could’ve picked a better week! It’s been full of trips to the zoo, Bristol, Swindon and finally topped off with a weekend of raving! I went to Run at Motion, Bristol on Friday night then to a Vegan festival down by the dock area in Bristol Saturday where we heard a great band called Dub Mafia. The female singer was incredible, would definitely recommend checking them out 🙂 And finally yesterday my perfect week came to a close with our first BBQ of the year.


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