GlossyBox 1st Birthday!

(A snap of us courtesy of Motel and photo booth time courtesy of GlossyBox)
Last Thursday I headed down to London for GlossyBox’s 1st birthday party! 🙂 I was invited as the lovely Michelle’s plus one, so we spent the whole day having a lovely little date 😉 haha.
We began the day heading to Covent Garden where I wandered round seeing some rather interesting man tied up in chains doing a ‘houdini’ and then strolled into some opera singers, as you do! I really do love Covent Garden wish I’d had a purse and belly big enough for all of the lovely food stalls they have there.
Afterwards in true ‘Michelle and Kim’ style we grabbed a Wagamama’s 😀 mm! And then hopped back on the tube to central for the party where we walked past Piccadilly Circus, and I have never been there before?! How is this possible I don’t know but I stopped to take a classic tourist snap.
We were probably one of the first bloggers there, the venue was full of press! We of course headed straight to the cocktail bar where we had a gorgeous lychee cocktail (pictured above) and then had our photo’s taken in the photo booth! Unfortunately in the first photo we’re looking at the screen rather than the camera haha.
The event was great! Full of people, music, pink balloons, amazing cocktails and an even more amazing GlossyBox birthday cake. They also had on display every GlossyBox that has been made which was really fun to see as I’ve only started receiving them since November. It was also really good to hear how the company started and how far they’ve come! I can’t believe only a year ago they were based in a dingy basement with just a table and their laptops. Shows how with a lot of passion and effort a company can really strive to make it!
After a gossip with Emma and Michelle (mainly about MIC and Towie) and a nice catch up with Selina from Motel it was time for Michelle and I to get our trains back 🙁 Unfortunately that meant we missed most of the bloggers that turned out for the event which was a shame, but I still had a great night 🙂 and a complimentary Valentines box on our departure was fantastic too. I had a slightly different one to the Valentines box I reviewed, this time it had Clarins products in, woop!

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