Oreo Cupcakes

4oz Self raising flour
4oz butter
4oz caster sugar
2 eggs
1tbsp cocoa powder
4oz butter
8oz icing sugar
1 pack oreos
My friend asked me to make these and I’ve seen them done many times before in different ways but I thought I’d keep it simple. Short on time and ingredients these are super easy to make. 
Firstly you cream the caster sugar and butter together, you then sift in the flour and add the eggs. Finally add the cocoa powder to make chocolate cupcakes (this is optional of course). Bake at 160 degrees for roughly 20mins or until golden brown. 
Once cooled mix the butter and icing sugar together to make butter icing. Pipe with a star shaped nozzle on to cakes. Crush two oreo biscuits on a plate and gently roll the edges of the icing into the crushed bits. To finish cut the remaining oreos in half and add to the cupcakes 🙂
Super easy and so effective!
Got to say I love taking photo’s of food with my dslr, they come out so pretty! haha. 


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