Lace Trim Shorts

I was bought these beautiful red velvet trousers for my birthday. My friend spotted them in a charity shop and instantly thought of me, he knew I’d be able to customise them somehow and possibly sell them on to a loving home 🙂
To be fair they didn’t look quite so beautiful when they were huge baggy trousers but now I have cut and hemmed them they make the perfect pair of high waisted shorts.
The lace edging against the velvet make them look so luxurious and I can’t get over how special this wine red colour is!
I would keep them for myself but I already own a pair of black ones I’ve made. In fact whilst writing this post I have actually just sold them 🙂 I uploaded them last night and the lovely Sophie from Trinket Box has just bought them! Thank you sophie!!
However I do also have another pair of black ones available in my shop if you prefer. They can be found here 🙂

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