DIY Floral Pocket

Quite literally the easiest DIY ever. Want to spruce up and old tee or shirt? Why not just change the pocket?

I picked this shirt up in a charity shop for £1. It’s men’s, perfect for the boy. I then picked up some floral curtains for a £1 from the same shop (yes a charity shop has a sale where everything was a £1…ie the pound shop? haha)

An hour or so later, some unpicking, cutting, hemming and then sewing you have a revamped shirt with a cool new pocket.
I really want to try this on a top for myself next. Can do it of course on a plain top too to add a pocket but it’s even easier on one that already has one as you can follow the pattern exactly.
And why not go one step further… stitch fabric on to the cuffs, collar, even make elbow pads?! Food for thought!

Also just want to quickly say I have new items in my shop, including this cute crop top below! And I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s bought something recently. It’s really been quite overwhelming 🙂 Hopefully I will have more to come very soon!

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