Polka Dot Disco

Top: Charity shop
Disco Pants: American Apparel via ASOS
Nikes: Nike outlet
Bag: Motel
Rings: Vintage and gifts
Necklace: eBay
Skull bracelet: Britton’s Bracelets
Nails: This post
I bought this top the other week in a charity shop in Nailsworth. I absolutely love it, and for £3 you can’t really go wrong. 
Yes I’m wearing these damn disco pants again 😉 I’m sorry I just can’t take them off! And for £63 I’m making sure I get plenty of wear out of them haha.
I feel I haven’t really spoken about myself or what I’m up to for a while so here’s a little catch up of what’s install. Friday I’m off to Bristol Fashion Week with the lovely Lyzi, Lily, Steph and Amy which I’m really excited for, can’t wait to meet Amy for the first time. 
Saturday I’m going out for my friends birthday, which I’m looking forward to as we haven’t been all together in a while.
Next week I have the week off work and a lot is going on. I’m off to London next Wednesday to watch my friend get tattooed, hopefully get a Wagamama’s or Bodeans, mm decisions! And do some shopping. Then I’m back to London on Thursday for an event, really should’ve planned that better and booked a hotel but hey ho! Of course there will be plenty of photo’s to come from all events I hope 🙂


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