Motel Spring/Summer 2012 Press Preview

So Thursday I went down to London for the Motel Rocks party! I was so excited about going to see their new Spring/Summer collection and to meet up with lots of lovely bloggers.


The new collection boasts lots of amazing prints including graffiti, tropical butterflies, daisies, flowers, aztec and more!
I have to say I LOVE every print this season. It’s all so vibrant and full of colour. My favourite has to be the tropical butterfly print (pictured below) The gorgeous mix of colours and pattern is beautiful. A lovely lady at the event was wearing the playsuit in this print and man I have to have it! Definitely asking for it for my birthday!
At the party I got to mingle and catch up with lots of fellow bloggers including Lyzi, Michelle, Becca, Charlene, Steffani, Aisling, Eloise, Rebecca, Hannah, Sophie, Rosie, Kavita and Kristabel to name but a few… wow!


Also at the party were the lovely team and Rock n Rose. As a complete surprise, that made me almost jump with joy we got to pick and item to keep on the night. I picked the gorgeous inverted cross necklace that I’ve seen Amy wear lots and I’ve been green with envy but now it’s mine YAY 🙂
I’m sure you will see lots of other bloggers wearing it too! It was a big hit on the night.


Nail Rock were also at the party and stupid me painted my nails that morning 🙁 I really wish I hadn’t because the lady behind the wraps was doing an amazing job! So jealous of everyone’s nails, especially Kristabel, Shabna, Michelle and Aisling’s below!
After the party we got to take a home a lovely goodie bag packed full of amazing things including this Motel dress, Eye Rock (which I can’t wait to try) and some false eyelashes 🙂


Hope you liked my photo’s! Sorry there’s so many and I know lots of other bloggers have already posted about the day.
What are your feelings on the new prints? Whats your favourite print for Spring/Summer?
Before the Motel event I met Michelle and Becca at Euston where we travelled to Shoreditch to the Nicole Levy press day. On the way I have a major celeb crazy moment… I saw Zach Braff!! Just casually walking down the street with his girlfriend and lots of Liberty London bags. Becca was on the phone, and I couldn’t remember his damn name to tell Michelle, so by time we realised who it was he was gone 🙁 gutted!
Anyways the Nicole Levy press day was really good too. So many beautiful pieces on show from Tavik swimwear to Giles and Brother jewellery to Jack French bags to Spirithoods! They also showcased a lot of jazzy prints too. I can’t wait to wear some crazy bold prints this summer 🙂
And of course they had lots of yummy food on as well! I ate so many cakes on Thursday haha.
Hope you liked this post, sorry it’s super long 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!
Oh and of course there’s no photo’s of any bloggers because we always take our cameras but don’t actually take any photo’s of ourselves haha! However Becca did take a couple on her phone that she’s blogged 🙂 and yes we are practically wearing the same outfit 😉 TWINNIES!


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