DIY Dip Dye Collar

This is a cheeky replica of one I saw Kate do agggges ago. I love her DIY’s! I studded the collar tips to make it a little different but I love this effect. I did exactly what Kate said to, so read her post for details. Unfortunately I did get a little bit of dye further down on the back of the shirt which is annoying. But it didn’t show up in any of the photo’s I took so maybe it’s not as bad as I thought.
This one is currently on sale in my shop. I did want to keep it but after having a row with my Mum over how much my brand new wardrobe is already over full by I decided to sell! Haha 🙁 I need to stop making clothes!
I had a fantastic day in London yesterday, soaking up the rays in Soho Square and Green Park. Enjoyed a lovely trip to Buckingham Palace and had a tasty Wagamama’s. Outfit post of what I wore will be up soon with some lovely London landscapes. Also I bought the Riding Pants from American Apparel! Yes that’s right I’m now the proud owner of both Disco Pants and Riding Pants, which means I’ve spent roughly £130 on two pairs of leggings which if you know me or my blog you will know is insane for me. I never ever buy designer, I’m always counting the pennies. But after the feeling of having disco pants and the fact I wear them pretty much every day I think I can justify buying another pair 🙂 and outfit post of those babies will be up soon as well!
Oh andddd when we were at Buckingham Palace a Bentley and Range Rover were police escorted in, and a helicopter landed. Mannn I was dying to see the Queen but no such luck haha. But on Oxford Street we did see Jermain Defoe! 😉
I’m off to London again today to Motel Rocks head office with lots of lovely bloggers, wayyy too many to mention to be honest, but I’m excited to see MichelleBecca, Lyzi and Kavita again and finally meet Eloise after I couldn’t make the LDNlunch that she arranged. We’re all off for a cheeky (standard) Nandos before hand! Very excited!

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