DIY | Crochet shorts

Another DIY for you. After my last DIY, the union jack shorts, I spotted some rather lovely Topshop denim shorts on my girl Kristy. They were covered in a crochet/lace material down one half and I knew this had to be my next design. So here we are! I have dyed these originally denim shorts a lovely rust/red colour. They actually look a bit darker in real life, almost a cherry/wine colour. I then pain stakingly hand stitched this crochet fabric on the one half. Because crochet material has such large gaps in between I was worried if any parts of the wool were left unstitched down they may fray so I’ve made sure my stitches were tightly compacted together. 
It’s so fun doing this kind of thing, however long it takes, the feeling of seeing them finally finished is great! I hope you like them 🙂 
They are now in my etsy shop for £20. And if you’d like to buy anything you can use the code ‘caughtupincake’ (from my feature on Katy’s blog) for 10% off! 
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