Bird Nail Art

Eyeko: Rain
Models Own nail art pen: Black
Topshop nail art pen: White
So if you follow me on instagram (kimparslow) you would’ve seen this a couple of days ago but hey ho here it is again! Basically I stole this idea of Kristy who has done a much better job than me so please check out her blog post! 🙂
I realise all of my posts have been about birds, flying, getting away etc recently! Haha weird! I will try and stay clear of this theme next week.
I’m off to Brighton early tomorrow morning and then off to TOWIB on Saturday 🙂 so excited to seeing Steph, Abby, Leanne and my babe Michelle again 😀 and I get to meet the gorgeous Katy FINALLY! 😀
If any of you are going say hi! See you there. x

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