DIY Tartan Shorts

DIY tartan high waisted shorts
This is a DIY I did a few weeks ago but have only just finished. This pair of shorts started out as a pair of trousers which I bought off Kate. Unfortunately they were too small for me, and I had every intention of making them into shorts anyway. So the first job was to obviously shorten them but also widen them.
I did this by creating two darts out of another fabric and stitching them into the seams on either side to create and extra inch both sides. 
After shortening and hemming them they were ready to go but I felt like there was still something missing. So I opted for a bit of lace around the bottom like I’d previously done with my velvet shorts 🙂 
They fit me now and look lovely on but financial needs are crying out at the moment (3 new tyres on a car I need to sell is killing my bank balance) So I think I’ve decided to sell them along with lots of other shorts I’ve been making. All of which will hopefully be up in my shop asap. 
The trouble is with doing DIY’s you just want to keep everything for yourself! x

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