Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

Cupcakes: Makes 18
4oz self raising flour, sugar and butter, 2 eggs
Butter icing: 4oz butter, 8oz icing sugar
Pack of cookies
Royal icing and chocolate drops for the eyes!
On Friday I made these super cute cookie monster cupcakes! I had seen a few images on instagram and then a friend of mine suggested I made them on facebook so I thought I better had!
After reading a few of the recipes on google I went in my own direction and did things a little different. So google says to use coconut, I’m guessing dyed blue but I had no money/time for that. So instead I use these cute blue and green sprinkles from Tesco. I simply baked regular sponge cupcakes, mixed up some blue butter cream and piled it on. Rolled the cupcakes in sprinkles being careful not to squash the icing too much. I then chopped Maryland cookies in half and stuck them into the butter cream.
For the eyes I used rolled up balls of royal icing I had in the cupboard and chocolate drops stuck on with a bit of water. And hey presto! It’s as easy as that 🙂

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