DIY Studded Shoes

For a long time now I have been pining over the Topshop studded slipper shoes that it seems every girl in the World now owns. But with a price tag of £30 and my love for DIY’s I’ve been tempted for a while to try this out. 
Heather has done a DIY on a pair of black pumps a while ago so I asked her for some advice. I was worried the backs of the studs may scratch your feet but because you fold them in so far they really don’t. Plus when wearing tights I you wouldn’t feel any lumps and bumps. 
I’m not going to lie these were a lot harder than the studded denim shorts I did. The studs were a lot harder to push through as the material is so thick. So I used a pair of sharp nail scissors to poke holes where I wanted the studs to ease them through then used a knife to bed the backs over with. It does get quite fiddly near the toes. But considering these are a pair of Primark pumps for £4 and some studs off eBay for a couple of quid, they’re not bad at all 🙂 
Hope everyone had a great New Year! I will be blogging about what I got up to tomorrow so look out for that 🙂 x

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