Chocolate Swirls

I haven’t really baked properly in a while, and about a month ago I was sent a fantastic Tala piping set to try out. So finally I have got around to testing it out 🙂 
The set is great for achieving all sorts of different patterns of icing and comes with a super helpful bristle to clean the nozzles with. The piping bag itself is much stronger than my other one as it is a really thick fabric with a large hem line, and a plastic liner. So there is absolutely no chance of any icing popping through the seam (this happened to me once, went everywhere!!)
The nozzles easily screw in so can be changed with no fuss and no matter how hard you squeeze it won’t ever pop out of the end! 
You can pick a Tala piping set up from Kitchen Cookshop for only £12.95 online. 
I’ve also used my new Canon 1100d camera to take these shots, and I think they show off my cupcakes so much better than before. Can’t wait to use it more 🙂 x

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