Fairisle Jumper Nail Art

I received this nail art pen by Topshop this Christmas and couldn’t wait to give it a go after seeing Gem’s post on them. They’re totally different to any nail art pen I’ve used before. It literally looks like a pen and writes like a pen. I had a little trouble to begin with, getting it started. You have to pump the nib a few times and shake well to get the polish to come out but once it does it’s really great at producing fine lines and no blobs!
The nail design I’ve chosen to do as a first practice is a pretty hard one and although it’s not perfect this nail art pen did a far better job than I ever would’ve been able to get the WAH!/Models Own one’s to do.
I am really pleased with it and can’t wait to use it more to really get the hang of it. They are a little more expensive than the Models Own ones but I think they’re worth it. And they come in a bigger range of colours too including white, black, silver, blue and pink. However it looks as though only the blue is now available online, they must’ve sold out fast!

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