Christmas Cards & Cookies

Thought I’d show you the festive things I’ve been up to over the last few weeks in one mammoth post. Firstly these are the Christmas cards I made for my friends. They’re simple to make but a little tedious. The hardest part was cutting the tree out on the front with a scalpel. But once that was done I simply stuck wrapping paper behind and made envelopes out of the wrapping paper to match. Tying ribbon through the center of the cards was easy too and made them look more like a present.
To accompany my cards I made some festive vegan cookies as my lovely friend Millie is vegan!
I’d never made cookies before and the first batch turned out a little more biscuit like but the second batch were just right!
Another baked treat were these little mini Christmas puds! Their in tiny cupcake cases so are bite sized. Really easy to make but the decoration was hard. The recipe said to dye so much royal icing green and so much red but that was easier said that done so I ended up just painting the icing with the dye which wasn’t such a good effect.
I hope you liked them all and maybe have got some inspiration for next year. The joys of working part time means I have more time on my hands for things like this which I love.

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