Studded Shorts

I may as well just refer you all to Heather’s blog for this post, haha. A few weeks ago I saw a video she’d made on how to stud a shirt collar, and I know Heather had studded lots of other items before so with her help I ordered my first batch of studs from eBay.
They came really quickly but it’s not been until now that I’ve got around to doing anything with them.
For my first ‘DIY’ I’ve played it safe and studded a pair of high waisted denim shorts, Sabo Skirt style!
The studs are so easy to use, they have pointy backs that stab through the material, and then I used a pair of scissors to bend the backs over.
I actually bought these shorts off Lyzi, hope she doesn’t mind me trashing them! Haha. But I’ve gotta say I am loving the studded look right now. Will definitely be trying my hand a few other stud diy’s soon.


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