Chocolate Delight

Makes 12
Butter: 4oz
Caster sugar: 4oz
Self raising flour: 3oz
Cocoa powder: 1oz
2 eggs
Buttercream Icing
Butter: 3oz
Icing sugar: 5oz
Cocoa powder: 1oz
Firstly I’d just like to put out there that I made these ingredients up, I couldn’t find my cake recipe and so I remembered everything except how much cocoa powder you’re meant to put in. So excuse me if I’m wrong but they still taste amazing so I’m sure it’s ok! I made these for a friend who’s been down in the dumps all week in an attempt to cheer him up, hopefully he’ll appreciate them! 
The buttercream was so thick from the cocoa powder that my hand cramped up trying to squeeze it through the nozzle haha and then most of it squirted straight through the side of the piping bag 🙁 haha was a massive fail! But all was not lost, I still managed to cover 9 cakes….and so with the rest I had to make something up as I’d ran out of icing sugar. What a palava!
I had the bright idea to roll out some royal icing instead and to make them a little interesting I cut a few butterflies and flowers out then painted them with food colouring. So here are the let overs…

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