Halloween Treats

I know it’s not technically Halloween yet but I am fully in the Halloween mood today!
On Thursday my friend Millie and I had a day of baking where we made some delicious chocolate apples 🙂 a little early for bonfire night but they taste so damn nice and are so easy to make, I think I’ll be making them all year round now! We covered them in everything from white chocolate shavings, to nuts, to sprinkles!
We then went on to make some super chocolatey cookies which we decorated in Halloweenesque designs. The icing was pretty hard work as our cookie mixture made far more than we were expecting! 
After the 4 hours of baking I was absolutely shattered and took some of the cookies along to my guinea pig who eats everything I make! Haha he’s going to be as big as a house soon 😉
We then went for a Nandos which I was absolutely dying for…eating raw cookie mixture all day isn’t too filling and a little bit sickly. And for a change the Nandos was perfect. The last few times we’ve been there’s always been something wrong but not this time 🙂
After that we were meant to go to this haunted hayride and maze event that is near where we live. Once we got there and heard all the screams we both bailed haha. I am such a wimp when it comes to scary things 🙁
Tonight we’re all out in Cheltenham for a few friends birthdays. I picked up a few more bits from BINTM Live yesterday for my outfit 🙂 Can’t wait to get it all on. Just praying my hair goes as I hope and I will blog the nights events asap!
Hopefully tomorrow I will get up my BINTM Live photo’s, had such a great day yesterday! And bought some rather nice bits.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! x
October 23, 2011
November 2, 2011