Ain’t nobody like you

Blouse: Olive
Boots: Topshop
This outfit is a favourite of mine at the moment, mainly because of the skirt which I picked up in Southampton. It’s one of those sheer maxi skirts with a mini bodycon skirt underneath. I was worried I wouldn’t know what to wear with it but this blouse from Olive in Cheltenham is almost identical in colour to some of the pattern on the skirt. I opted for my chelsea boots to wear under it as it was a pretty cold day but I think it would go with some cute pumps or something as well. 
Just looking on the Miss Selfridge website now and there’s a lot of things I’m liking the look of. Damn you Miss Selfridge for being so expensive πŸ˜‰
P.S I’m selling a few bits on eBay!

October 23, 2011
October 29, 2011