Models Own: Lilac Dream & Fuzzy Peach
Just a quick one, painted my nails yesterday to match my mood. Spent the day basking in the sunshine with a smile on my face so thought I’d do something on my nails to reflect that 🙂
I really need to invest in a dotting tool though, I did these by just dolloping the polish on! Oops. From a distance they look ok. And I love these colours from Models Own, especially the lilac dream, so pretty!
I apologise for my mood on Monday, things are starting to look up already! The sunshine has helped put a smile back on my face, but also I am spending today with my best friend, we’re off to have a picnic and possibly book in for new tattoos! eep! And then next week is a bit of a whirlwind…Southampton on Tuesday and London on Friday! So excited for both. Thank god it’s payday tomorrow 🙂
Hope everyone is having a lovely time in the sun! If you’re at work I feel for you 🙁 x

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