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So finally I made the cupcakes that I promised I was going to make last weekend. They are not anything like what I planned though. Firstly the sponge isn’t chocolate like it looks… I put black dye in them hoping they’d go black, clearly not! And then I saw a friend had made some cupcakes where she’d painted the inside of the piping bag with a food colouring and as the icing piped out it had different colour edges, looks amazing! So I painted the inside black and made pink icing, well the black just mixed with the pink and it made a massive splurge of browny black crappy icing 🙁 so that didn’t go to plan. So finally I just piped the pink icing and then had a brain wave of putting the edges on myself with an icing pen. I didn’t have black so ended up with white and now they look like Mr Kipling’s french fancies. Haha! 
Basically a massive fail but they still tasted yummy, although all the good ones got eat by my friend! 😉 so now I’m left with the messy black ones, oh well, it’s all about the taste rather than the looks!

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