South West Blogger Meet 2011

L-R: Sian (mystreetchic) Leanne, Kate, Sammy, Me, Lily, Gem, Laura & Rosie
Top Row L-R: Bee, Lyzi, Stephanie, Gina (mystreetchic)
So yesterday was the South West blogger meet up, you may have seen us all tweeting about it under the tag #swbloggermeet 🙂 I was so so nervous on the train down to Bristol, although I know Lyzi in real life, I hadn’t met anyone else before and had never been to one of these events before, so had no idea what to expect.
I was the second person to arrive and Stephanie and I did that thing where you look at eachother and then look again and both are to shy to approach each other. In honesty I am terrible with faces and only knew the girls through their blog names so I was a little scared to approach anyone to start with. But once the rest of the girls showed up at the station it was fine and Bee took the bull by the horns and led us to Cabot Circus to meet Lyzi. Who I was meant to be meeting there when I was originally driving down, oops my bad, sorry Lyzi 🙂
Once we were all altogether it was a unanimous decision to head straight to Frankie and Benny’s for lunch, where we were all so hungry not one of us took a photo of our food! Haha. In fact I am ashamed to say, I didn’t take one photo the whole day 🙁 Luckily after lots of shopping and chatting we all had a beverage or two in the pub Start The Bus, where we were joined by the lovely ladies that run My Street Chic. Who thankfully took this great group photo of us all 🙂
Their website is a fashion community for your city where you can interact with others, upload photos, tell others about boutiques, events or beauty finds that you’ve come across. At the moment it’s only set up in Bristol but they want girls from across the country to get involved so have a look 🙂
After some more snaps by Sian and Gina, we all drank up and the group decided to depart. After saying our goodbyes, myself, Rosie and Laura caught a cab to the station and luckily enough Lily was on my train home so we had plenty to talk about, and finding out we lived so close to each other and knew a lot of the same places was a little odd! What a small world it is.
I had such a good day and it was so nice to meet so many lovely people. It was great to get on so well and have lots to chat about.
We’ve already started planning the next meet which will be near Christmas and hopefully include more people, more alcohol and a few surprises 😉 so watch this space and get involved!

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