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So I leave my job next Friday and my colleague has been pestering me to bake some cupcakes for a while. So I gave into his demands and baked 22 of them the other night! All of which have now been eaten and I had 1?!! How is that fair?
I wanted to go a little more adventurous but found I didn’t have a lot left in the cupboards at home, so they’re fairly boring but everyone’s enjoyed them 🙂 My colleague is now making some of his own for me to try tomorrow… hmm they best not be better than mine 😉

Ingredients (makes 22)
6oz caster sugar
6oz butter
6oz self raising flour
3 small eggs
These are so easy to make; first mix the sugar and butter then add a little flour and an egg and so on until all of which have been used up! I then split the mixture and added 2tbsp of cocoa powder to the one half to make half a batch of chocolate ones.
The butter icing is made from 6oz butter and 12oz of icing sugar, which covered about 18 cakes?! Because I use a large piping nozzle it uses so much icing! No matter how much I mix it never seems to stretch over all the cakes. 
I split the icing in half too making one colour yellow and the other purple. I then put a spoonful of one and then the other in the piping back and so on until it was all in there. When you pipe it out the colours run into each other and each cake ends up looking slightly different 🙂
I haven’t baked in so long! I’m definitely going to get back into it. Really want to make strawberries and cream cakes this summer… if the sun ever shines again! x

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