Metallic Leopard Print Nail Art

Barry M: Bright Pink
Models Own: Champagne
Models Own: Top Coat
I actually did these nails last week after seeing Kate’s! I absolutely love her nails every week, but my faves are always her gold and pink leopards, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. Except I used champagne instead of gold as I’ve realised gold is the only colour I don’t have 🙁
I’m going out tomorrow night for my birthday so will be sure to do something similar I think! I’m wearing top to toe black with leopard shoes so I might go crazy with a neon leopard style?! Hmm we shall see!
Hope you all have a nice weekend, I have work tomorrow til 12 then I am free to enjoy myself 🙂 I have friends coming up from Bristol and along with my friends from home we’re all off out to celebrate my 23rd! Ugh how old :'( I don’t actually turn it until the 25th but I shall be in Phoenix then so hence why we’re going out tomorrow!

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