Travel | Cotswold Wildlife Park


At the weekend my boyfriend and I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park. He lives 2 miles down the road from it, no idea why we haven’t been sooner! I think the last time I went, I must’ve been about 7. So I didn’t remember too much of it, but it was such a lovely day out 🙂 Sadly a lot of the animals were being lazy and sunning themselves which meant it was really hard to see the lions and giraffes properly. But we still managed to see the rest, I think my favourites of the day were the meerkats or the world’s cutest porcupine!! He was so adorable. My photo of him doesn’t do him justice so I left it out, but I never expected them too look so sweet!
If you haven’t been before I’d recommend going on a nice day! It’s £12.50 and is located near Burford in Oxfordshire if you’re ever around the area.