w7 Nail Polish Review

A few weeks a go I discovered a gem of a make up store. Whilst browsing in Gloucester Quays, which is usually pretty rubbish as there’s barely any shops and they’re all ridiculously expensive, I wouldn’t recommend a visit, well not until now anyway! Whilst passing shop windows I spotted a wall of nail polish that caught my eye inside a shop called ‘All Wellan Good’. So I just had to have a closer look. There was just about every colour imaginable and they were on offer for £2 each. After a lot of debate and my boyfriend getting seriously fed up, I chose these three colours.
I’ve never heard of w7 before, and just from the shape of the bottle I was really hoping they’d be a lot like OPI. No such luck. They’re not bad, but they’re not great. Seriously, ever since trying and falling for Models Own, no other nail polish lives up to my expectations. I tried the purple first, which is what put me off. It’s really wish washy and two coats still wasn’t enough. But things changed, I was chuffed with the silver colour and it reminds me of Models Own’s Gun Metal Grey colour. I will definitely be using this one, the consistency was so much better than the purple. 
I had reservations about the purple glitter. A lot of glitter polishes have little to no consistency but I was pleasantly surprised by w7’s coverage. Two coats was plenty.
So I suppose it wasn’t all bad, but I’m definitely going to be sticking to Models Own from now on, it’s just the price tag that sometimes pulls me towards other brands. Rimmel and Barry M are two other faves of mine that are cheaper.
It wasn’t all so bad though, the shop was also full of Benefit goodies and I picked up two lipsticks that were half price and a steal of only £6! And on my way out, I noticed tons of Calvin Klein foundations and Maybelline mascara! It was all so cheap, I’m going to have to go back for a closer look.
So if you are ever in the area, I wouldn’t recommend Gloucester Quays, but for this shop I would! x

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