Champagne Daaahling

Models Own ‘Champagne’
Last weekend I finally had some time off work, so for my trip to Manchester I decided to do my nails. I hate the fact I have no time anymore to do things like this. Last Summer I was constantly doing either leopard print or something a bit different to my nails. But now I’m working full time I can’t do it, I can have my nails painted, although I don’t think we’re meant to. I stick to subtle colours just in case. 
Back on track, this colour by Models Own is one of my faves! I love the richness to it…I think Champagne sums it up perfectly. 
I still haven’t invested in a Models Own Wah nail art pen. That really has to be next on my list! Instead I’m sticking to my trusty eyeliner. 
Hope everyone’s having a good week 🙂 x

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