A Christmas Wedding

To end the week off I’ve finally got around to editing the photo’s I took from a wedding I went to on Tuesday. First off I need to mention what a crazy but magical few days it was…
On Monday the snow started coming down with all it’s might so I was sent home early from work. The road to my house was blocked so I ended up trying to make my way to my boyfriends. He lives near Oxford and I knew that himself and Cheltenham especially had already had lots of snow. But I still went anyway, avoiding small roads, I thought heading through Cheltenham would be my best bet, stick to the main busy roads…hmm, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I ended up sliding my way through Cheltenham which took over 2 hours, compared to a usual half an hour from my house, to then get stuck! Roads were closed and I couldn’t get any further so I had to be rescued in a 4×4!! Eventually got back to my boyfriends after a¬†treacherous drive along the A40…you can’t believe just how bad some of the major roads in the UK have been until you see them.

With all this snow it looked as though the wedding would be cancelled, but on Tuesday we hopped on the back of a tractor and made our way to the most idillic village, made even more beautiful by all the snow. After the ceremony we had another hair raising drive to the reception which was held in an incredible barn with a huge open fire. It was a breathtaking location and the lovely couple couldn’t have done any better.
We tucked in to some amazing horderves (the honey sausages were to die for) and after a few glasses of champagne and many more white/red wine I was feeling rather tipsy but to my rescue the wine was followed by beef, potatoes and vegetables. All done perfectly and then finished off with apple and blackberry crumble and vanilla custard or fresh cream (yes I had both).

It was such a lovely day and I’m so glad the snow didn’t get in the way. And now I just hope we don’t get anymore. A little bit is lovely to look at and will set Christmas off just fine.

I look forward to hearing about all of your Christmases next week! x

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