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So this week I decided to get some new inspiration for my nails. I googled nail designs, and a lot came up! There’s a lot of good tutorials on YouTube. 
I found one called ‘Water Marbling’, which basically makes your nails look like they’ve been painted in water colour…or petrol!

All of the videos said it was very easy to do!! So I tried it.

My first attempt wasn’t the best. I think I used a few too many colours, and they all kinda clashed a bit and made a big mess.

So now I’ve attempted the technique again using three shades of the same colour…purple. I think all worked together a lot better and the over all effect looks a lot neater. You can really see the swirling colours. But I’m still unsure about the whole thing. From a distance, it kind of makes my nails just look like they haven’t been painted properly?! Maybe practice makes perfect, but I’m not sure if I can be bothered to do it again! Some nails came out great where all the varnish and water flowed together well and dried smooth whereas some dried lumpy from where there was too much polish in places. 

Models Own ‘Nude’ | Models Own ‘Purple Grey’ | Rimmel ‘Blue My Mind’

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