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Models Own – ‘Nude’ and ‘Beth’s Blue’
These dull Autumn days haven’t stopped my love for brighter polishes. My purple’s, grey’s and deep red’s are still on hold for now, mainly because I’ve only had my Models Own goodies for a few weeks and want to try them all out properly. So this week I’ve gone for a simple design that I’ve tried before. It’s so easy to do, yet jazz’s up your nails nicely! 
These two colours were a bit of a rash decision, but I think they work well together. The brightness of the blue compliments the dullness of the nude lovely, I really like this colour palette. 
Just a little tip of mine, after receiving a few comments from bloggers who don’t have the patience. Firstly this design is simply one coat of Nude, left to dry and then a sweep of Beth’s Blue diagonally across the top. I tend to start the sweep in the middle so that the main bulk of polish is in the centre and you can then drag it out to the edges. Other wise you get a huge blob of polish on the edge of your finger which can get messy to clean off afterwards. Luckily Models Own polishes create stunning colours with just one coat! But I do not wipe the brush a lot to get rid of excess, maybe once or twice on the one side of the brush, and then I go straight on to the nail, so the polish is quite thick. You may think this would be easy to mess up afterwards, and will take ages to dry. But it doesn’t, and then once you’ve applied the topcoat everything is secured! Plus a thicker layer means no need for two coats and perfect colour coverage. When only using one colour I do always apply two coats though. 

My top tips for any kind of nail art, even just painting your nails standardly with one colour, ALWAYS apply a top coat. It does wonders!! Believe me. I work almost every day and my nails still last with no chips for at least 2-3 days.

Also, invest in some Nail Varnish Remover Pads! You can pick them up in Wilkinson’s for less than a £1. They are thin greasy circular pads and are great for cleaning up the skin around the nail, getting rid of any excess. And they won’t take off your nail polish from your other hand, unlike cotton wool which sticks immediately to any polish. So gone are the days of chipping off the excess for hours. Also they are great for when you’re going away, you can still change your nails whilst on holiday 🙂 no need to take a bottle of nail varnish remover and a bag of cotton wool balls! So I can now safely wear polish on holiday and not have to worry about it chipping and looking a mess for the rest of the week OR worrying about remover leaking in my suitcase.
September 8, 2010