Beauty | American Flag

Last night my Anty threw an American themed party for her 40th birthday. In keeping with the theme and my current obsession for nail design, I chose to paint a few flags 😉
As I said in my last post, I went as Super Woman, my boyfriend went as a Basket Ball player, my Dad as a Blues Brother and my Mum as a Cow Girl. My Anty (pictured below) went as Snow White and my Uncle (also pictured) as a Cowboy. 
Others include a surfer, carrying an ironing board as a surf board! A saloon girl, Minnie Mouse and the biker from the Village People. 
I think though the best dressed of the night was my cousin Tia who went as Jessie from Toy Story. Doesn’t she look the cutest! Complete with all the best poses! 

The night was a great success, with lots of Budweiser, Wine and Tequila flowing all night, accompanied by a great BBQ and Chilli. Mmm! My Anty was a little worse for wear by time we left, after having one two many Tequila slammers! Haha, we would be a lethal pair if she was my Mother!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! x

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