Beauty | Models Own review

L to R: Purple Grey, Nude, Feeling Blue, Mixed Up, Gold Finger, Silver Fox

All of my Models Own goodies have now arrived and I have finally tried them all out πŸ™‚ So here they are! I am SUPER impressed with the glitter polishes. They each have two coats on but I’m impressed with how much glitter actually comes out compared to a lot of other brands. Glad I read the reviews first before purchasing, it’s always best to do. 
My favourite colours are definitely the Purple Grey and Nude. I think they’re the two best sellers, and I can totally see why, they’re both gorgeous! I’ve now done a nail design with them both and it looks great, very chocolatey! 

I also purchased a lippy and have tried it and I like it! I haven’t worn it out yet though so I don’t know if it’s lasts well so I’ll have to test that soon. I was a little disappointed with the colour though, I chose Pinky Red, but it’s more red than pinky! And I already have a great Benefit red lipstick. I suppose it’s hard to tell the shade of a lipstick online though,  don’t think I will buy one from online again, as I’ve already had a disaster before. I once bought a Barry M lippy off their website. The shade was ‘Marshmallow’ and online it looks like a light pinky/mushroom colour. But it comes out almost white, which is most definitely not my style.
So my tip of the day is to always buy lipstick in store where you can test before you buy! 
I sneakily bought a Β£10 voucher from Models Own for half price so today I have now purchased ‘Beth’s Blue’ and ‘Lime Green’ (which doesn’t look very limey) and this time I noticed the free black kohl eyeliner we’re entitled to! Forgot to pop that in the basket last time πŸ™‚ But now the shipping has gone up to Β£2.95! It’s no longer free. But I shouldn’t complain! And I should definitely stop buying now!!!
August 28, 2010
August 30, 2010