Diamante Nail Art

Diamante nail art

This weeks nails consist of some Rimmel bargains stated in my previous nail post Animal Magnetism. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 deal, so when looking for a top/base coat I couldn’t resist getting some colours too. The purple hasn’t come out as bright as it really is, but it’s ‘Purple Reign’ (link is in my previous post. And the yellow is called ‘Lemon Drop’.
My eBay nail goodies came on friday, a set of nail brushes! So I decided to put them to the test straight away. I used a thin brush to actually do the diagonal lines of Purple Reign on top of a whole nail coat of the Lemon Drop. To start with I was considering using masking tape to get a strong line, as I don’t have any of the handing manicure strips. But the brush worked really well. My right hand doesn’t look quite as perfect, as my left hand was a little unsteady.
But an hour later this was the result 🙂 To jazz them up a little more I added the gems on both middle fingers. I’m not so keen on the silver, so I think my next eBay find will have to be some gold ones. They just don’t go with all of my gold rings, haha.
Aptly named LA Lakers because of the colours, my boyfriend will either love or hate them. He’s a huge basketball fan but support the Boston Celtics. Hmmm maybe next time I’ll do a set of green and white?!…Maybe not.

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