Neon Leopard Print Nail Art

Leopard print nail art

Since graduating University in June I’ve been around Europe with two friends for a month and now I’m home and realise I have nothing to do. Currently looking for a full time job, life is rather boring. Don’t get me wrong it’s been great to see friends and the boyfriend a lot more, but I’ve been feeling a little lost when at home by myself. So I’ve started painting my nails?!
Years ago I got a kit for christmas and used to spend my time practicing on others, but that was when I was young and I soon got bored. However I’ve noticed a growing trend in false nails along with decorating real ones, and so with all this extra time on my hands I’ve decided to spend it doing something…arty?! Hmm my lectures probably wouldn’t see it as very productive but it keeps me happy and passes half an hour.
I find false nails never fit my nails properly as my nails are naturally long anyway and its time, effort and money that I don’t have. There’s a lot more satisfaction in decorating your own.
This was my first attempt, the photos were taken a few days later hence some chipping. I used Sparkle and Fade by Urban Outfitters in Peach, Barry M in Berry Ice-cream for the inside dots, and my trusty liquid eye liner for the black.
I’m currently waiting on some goodies from eBay including a set of gel nail brushes so I can do some more interesting things. And I’ve recently bought a few Rimmel nail polishes (all Rimmel cosmetics are 3 for 2 in Boots) in Lemon Drop and Purple Reign which I still need to try out.
I’ve gotta say my fave nail polishes have to be by Barry M, I find they last so long without chipping and come in some great colours. And the best benefit is that they are really cheap!
I saw a nail polish post on the Topshop Blog a few months a go, and one set of nails were done in a gorgeous mushroom colour yet Topshop don’t stock it?! If anyone’s seen that colour in another brand please let me know!
August 1, 2010