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Temple Spa Body Truffle

I suffer from really dry skin, always have done, and looks like I always will. No matter what products I try, no moisturiser really solves the problem, it just masks it for a few hours or so. That being said, I’m always keen to try new products on the market just in case, and I’m glad I accepted the offer to review this Body Truffle by Temple Spa.

Body Truffle (£60) claims to smooth and soften the skin, and it certainly does just that. The body cream is thick and sumptuous and glides on the skin easily, with the skin absorbing the cream quickly. It feels luxurious and smells amazing.

I’ve been applying it before I go to sleep at night, allowing it nourish and hydrate my skin overnight. When I used to wake up in the morning, no matter if I moisturised the night before, my skin would be dry, especially on my legs. However, instantly I noticed that after using Body Truffle, my legs were still smooth in the morning. I didn’t need to re-apply before getting dressed and going to work.

Since that initial use, I’ve used the product every night and to the same effect. I use it mainly on my legs and arms but I might start to use it on my face too instead of my nightly face cream.

Although I’ve been mainly using it at night or after showering, the cream itself has light illuminating effects of rose quartz, which gives the skin an instant glow. So if I’m getting my legs out in the day, especially now it’s getting warmer, I will use it before heading out.

Priced at £60, it’s more expensive than what I would normally spend on a body cream. However, you really don’t need to use much at a time at all, and so I know it will last a long time.

Temple Spa Body Truffle
Temple Spa Body Truffle
Temple Spa Life Defence

Also as part of this review, I have been gifted the Temple Spa Life Defence (£36) – an SPF 25 daily face cream. Designed to help prevent the appearance of sun-induced age spots, it also helps defend against dryness and pollution. Obviously living in London means I’m subject to more pollution than most, and after living in Australia for a while, I know how damaging UV rays can be. For the past few years I’ve been using an SPF primer on my face, before applying makeup, but this face cream makes it even easier to use protection on my face no matter what day it is and whether I’m wearing makeup or not. I now use this instead of my everyday moisturiser.

I’ve found that Life Defence is very light on the face, and similarly to Temple Spa’s Body Truffle, you don’t need much for it to go a long way. Sized at 50ml, the Life Defence cream is bigger than many other face creams I’ve had before and so again similarly to the Body Truffle, it should last a lot longer.

Temple Spa Life Defence
Temple Spa

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