Top Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Experience


Almost nothing is quite as relaxing as a well-prepared holiday, where everything has been planned for you by an agent. But, if you can’t afford to pay a travel agent, why not try a DIY approach to vacation planning? This way you’ll save money and have an experience perfectly in tune with your expectations. The tips below will help you plan a stress-free holiday like a pro.

Limit your research

First, pick a theme for your holiday. Be it snapping the most instagrammable pictures, relaxing at the beach, or experiencing the food scene, it will make your planning much easier if you focus on a certain type of holiday. Keeping your focus on one type of activity will help you limit the endless flow of information you can get about a specific location and decide more easily what is worth your time. Finding the best things, the place you are visiting has to offer takes research, but limiting your focus to one target can keep the preparation stress-free.

Pre-book more than just your flights and accommodation

Once you’ve decided which type of holiday is right for you, it’s time to start making your bookings. Try to reserve as many things on your to-do list as you can before you set off. Don’t just take care of the “big ones” before you go – sure, you can’t forget to book flights or accommodation, but what about other activities or services?

Things like airport parking or guided city tours can be booked in advance to save yourself the stress of having to do everything at the very last minute. Many providers reward early bookings by offering substantial discounts, too. All you have to do is research to discover the best deals before making your booking. For example, use a site like Looking4Parking to compare airport parking and to book as early as possible, and you could save a fortune on the final cost.


Prepare a packing plan

With your trip fast approaching, the time has come to put together a packing list. To avoid the stress of trying to buy something you need at the airport or, even worse, in a new city while trying to speak a foreign language, pack everything you could need in advance. To make sure you don’t forget anything or bulk up your suitcase with things you don’t need, try to make your list as exhaustive as possible. Valid passport, tickets, medication, accessories, electronics, hats, shoes, toiletries, underwear, sunscreen, camera, first aid kit, reading material… Once you know exactly what you want to bring, you’ll be able to pack without forgetting anything. A weather check a few days before your trip can go a long way in helping you pack the right clothes and shoes.

To avoid unnecessary stress once at your destination, pack your valuables and a clean outfit in your carry-on bag. Airlines rarely lose suitcases nowadays, but if it happens to you, you’ll be up for the challenge. By keeping your valuables with you, you are also ensuring that they don’t get stolen in transit.

With everything booked, planned and packed, you’ll be able to embark on a relaxing holiday. Not only will your trip be exactly what you want it to be, you’ll be ready to enjoy it, thanks to your preparations. Do you like to follow a specific plan while on holiday or do you prefer to go somewhere and just wing it? Let me know in the comments!