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Mindful Chef

This week I’m reviewing the health focused food box company that is Mindful Chef. You may remember that earlier this year I reviewed HelloFresh but I found that the recipes were a little lacking in vegetables, so I was keen to try a similar company with a healthier focus.

Since launching in 2015, Mindful Chef has shiped over 500,000 healthy recipes from small farms in Devon, where the founders – school friends Giles, Myles and Rob – grew up. The ethos behind Mindful Chef is to reduce your intake of sugar and refined carbs, helping you to lead a healthier (and hopefully happier) life. Based on this, Mindful Chef will never delivery pasta, bread or white rice. Instead they create innovative recipes that use fresh vegetables.

The thing I love most about this company is that they use local Westcountry suppliers. It’s a part of the world that I grew up in too, and is home to fantastic produce. Knowing that agriculuture is important to the company, and that they support farmers and care about where their produce is sourced, is something that makes me immediately love them for, before even trying their recipes! Being a small team of 9, you also feel that by purchasing a Mindful Chef box your money is going to a good cause. As well of course as helping yourself lead a healthier lifestyle – win win!

Mindful Chef
Mindful Chef

How does it work?

You can pick boxes for either 1 person, 2 people or 4 people, thus making Mindful Chef the ONLY food box company to deliver 1 person boxes. Portions are priced at £9, £7 and £6 respectively. This is a little pricer than HelloFresh and price was something I was put off by with HelloFresh. However, knowing that this is a brand with a great ethos, trying to truly do something good in the world, makes the extra cost seem much more worth it. Plus, sourcing fresh vegetales and generous protein portions (more on this in a minute), obviously cost more than cheaper fillers such as pasta or white rice. Their award-winning suppliers are also stock in Fortnum & Mason and Harrods, so you know you’re getting exceptional ingredients.
They deliver on Sunday afternoons within London or Mondays everywhere else. If you are not in, their drivers will leave it in a safe place. If for any reason they cannot do this, they’ll keep the box chill and arrange a suitable time for delivery.

As I mentioned above, the portion sizes are generous, especially their protein portions. One of the recipes we made this week included cod and it had to be the biggest cod fillet I’d eaten at home. Much larger than any piece you’d find in a supermarket. And they don’t skimp on their other ingredients either. Each meal was more than enough for myself and Stew.

We tried 3 recipes – 1 beef dish, 1 fish and 1 vegan. We found all to be interesting, something that we’d never thought of making before and, as I said, all portions to be more than enough.

Mindful Chef recipes
Mindful Chef healthy subscription box

First up was a Aussie Beef Burger with Beet Fries & Sunshine Slaw. This was 536 calories and included 44g of protein. The addition of chipotle paste and red chilli flakes gave the dish a touch of heat that we loved! The beetroot fries were also a revelation. I don’t know why we haven’t made these before, but we certainly will be again. Amazing!

Mindful Chef recipes
Mindful Chef Sundried Tomato and Olive Cod en Papillote

Next was a Sundried Tomato & Olive Cod en Papillote. As I’ve already mentioned, the portions of cod were bigger than any I’ve seen in a supermaket. They were extremely meaty and filled us both up. We often bake salmon in foil parcels in the oven, but had never before thought to do it with cod. The addition of olives and sundried tomatoes made for a pleasant change too. Normally we would simply pick parsley and lemon. The only thing I would say about this dish is that our cod needed a little longer than specified to cook.

Mindful Chef box
Mindful Chef Miso and Edamame Burger with Peanut Slaw

Finally we have a vegan Miso & Edamame Burger with Peanut Slaw. This was the showstopper for me! A really unique dish using amazing ingredients packed full of flavour. Although we’re not vegan we often cook vegan and vegetarian dishes at home and always enjoy them, sometimes more so than meat dishes! So we weren’t suprised that this was our favourite, but the use of mushrooms, edamame beans and miso paste in the burgers was inspired. The fresh carrot, mangetout and coconut slaw was delicious too. Who knew you mangetout taste so damn good raw?! One of my best friends is vegan, so I’ll definitely be recreating this dish again.

Mindful Chef Positives:

  • Fantastic business ethos
  • Mindful Chef use fresh produce from local suppliers
  • Recipes are interesting and unique
  • Each dish is packed full of vegetables
  • The only food box available for one person

Mindful Chef Negatives:

  • It’s pricey at £7 per meal
  • Delivery is limited to just one day a week


Have you heard of Mindful Chef before? Have you tried any food delivery subscription services like this one?


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