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Biolage RAW

Biolage haircare have launched a new range – R.A.W (real, authentic and wholesome) – and I’ve been lucky enough to test out a few of the products.

The new collection has been created to not only make you and your hair feel good, but also to do good! The collection contains products with up to 97% natural origin ingredients, and up to 99% biodegradable. They don’t contain any parabens, no silicones and no sulphates. It’s haircare that’s kind of your hair, and kind on the environment.

I have tested the following products:

  • Biolage Nourishing Shampoo 325ml (£18.29)
  • Biolage Nourishing Conditioner 325ml (£18.29)
  • Rehydrate Clay Mask 400ml (28.59)
  • Rebodify Clay Mask 400ml (28.59)

Biolage RAW

The first thing that caught my eye with each of the products above, was their packaging. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s fuss free. There’s no images of women with glossy, full bodied hair. There’s no giant call outs claiming to create a ‘new you’ (or similar). Instead, it’s stripped back… it’s raw.

Upon opening the products I noticed that there were no unnecessary plastic tabs to pull off the shampoo and conditioner bottles, in order for them to come out. And there was no foil lid inside the hair mask tubs. Another example of Biolage thinking about the environment and stripping away anything that is not recyclable.

The nourishing shampoo is designed for dry and dull hair, which mine most definitely is these days. Unfortunately since moving to London, the city environment and water has taken it’s toll on my hair. It’s often left look lifeless. With extracts of quinoa husk and honey, I was excited to try it out. Immediately after opening, the honey notes hit you. It smells heavenly and even looks like honey in colour. I found that I didn’t need much at all, and it went a long way. The shampoo lathered up quickly and was easy to massage into my hair and scalp.

Biolage RAW

On first use, I followed the shampoo up with the re-bodify mask, designed for flat and fine hair. Although I wouldn’t say my hair is fine, it’s certainly flat. With this product, you massage as much as you feel your hair needs (depending on length), from the root to the ends and leave in for 5 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly. This hair mask was grey in colour and reminded me a lot of a number of face masks I’ve used. It works in the same way, nourishing your hair and scalp in ways that conditioner can’t. I found it super easy to apply and although it’s colour is dark grey (and my bathroom is white!!), I found that it didn’t go anywhere other that my head. (Major plus points for no mess).

I used the hair mask on a Saturday morning and tried to dry my hair with a hair dryer as little as possible, and instead left most of my hair to dry naturally. I was worried that the mask might make my hair look a little greasy, or that I wouldn’t be able to wash it out thoroughly enough, but quite the contrary. My hair dried smooth and glossy, but with bounce and life to it. I’m really impressed with this product in particular! No other hair mask has had the same effect on my hair. I will try it again next time with a hairdryer and see if I get the same results.

Biolage RAW

On my second wash, I used the shampoo and conditioner. Although both are ‘Nourishing’ products, the conditioner has extracts of coconut oil and kaolin clay. I’ve heard time and time again that coconut oil is great for your hair, but have never tried it before. The composition of both the coconut oil and the clay gave the conditioner a wonderful colour. I only applied a little through the ends of my hair, as a little seems to go a long way with this range. I probably left it in for 2-3 minutes and found it was easy to wash out. I styled my hair with straighteners after using a hair dryer and found my hair was silky smooth, but as before, full of body. I find that sometimes conditioners can make my hair heavy and by the second day, it feels like it needs washing again. With these natural ingredients, the effect was the opposite. My hair was light and bouncy and still looked healthy after 2 days of straightening.

I’ll be interested to see if these effects continue, but right now, I couldn’t be happier with the collection. The use of environmentally friendly ingredients definitely seems to suit my hair, and I really love the packaging and ethos behind the collection.

Biolage RAW

Have you heard of Biolage or Biolage R.A.W before? Would you be interested in buying them? All products are available to purchase at Look Fantastic.


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