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Arancini Brothers Kentish Town

The other weekend, after attending The Bloggers Market at Camden Collective, Chloe and I caught the bus up to Kentish Town to grab a spot of lunch at Arancini Brothers. Arancini Brothers have been on my (ever growing) list of places to eat in London, ever since I’ve moved to London! With a branch in Dalston and Old Street, as well as Kentish Town, I’ve always found myself either never in the area, or in the area at the wrong time and not wanting any food. It’s been a struggle I can tell you.

But thankfully Chloe came to my rescue, fancying some arancini for lunch too, and so we decided to make the trip up from Camden as we were FINALLY in the area… Kinda!

First beginning as a tiny market stall on Brick Lane, Arancini brothers now serves up arancini balls in three locations across the city. Founded by two chefs who met in Australia, they were taught how to make these risotto balls by a Sicilian chef in Melbourne – Melbourne being home to amazing restaurants (I should know, I lived there!) and Sicily being home to amazing food. It was the perfect start!

Arancini Brothers

The menu is small, but perfectly formed. You can choose either a wrap, burger, salad box or stew pot. Chloe decided on a salad pot which came with four balls, and a little salsa and a little mayo on the side. I chose the stew pot, which was a mixture of sweet potato and lentils on a bed of rice. This was served with three balls, plus salsa and mayo the same. To wash it all down with, we each chose a glass bottled coke – brownie points awarded for the glass bottle (it always tastes better).

Arancini Brothers Camden

Each meal was perfect in size for a hearty lunch and would equally make a good sized dinner portion, as Arancini Brothers are open into the evening too.

Other than the fact that these balls are right up there with some of the best arancini I’ve ever tasted, and the lentil stew was winning on all levels – the best thing about this chain is the price! Although they branched out to bricks and mortar, their dishes still scream market stall prices. Each of us paid just over £7 and we were stuffed!! There was no room for dessert (although they do also sell a range of cakes and brownies), and for originality, taste and ingredients, I challenge any of you to find a better lunch for £7 in central London! I believe it’s even cheap to take out. With that in mind, it’s little wonder that I give Arancini Brothers five out of five.

Arancini Brothers: 5/5

  • Fantastic food
  • Tasty ingredients
  • Healthy
  • Colourful

I just wish they’d open a branch a little closer to me!