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Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

I have longed for this scent for many months and finally have it. Yay! Having spotted Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf on lots of my favourite bloggers and Instagrammers feeds before Christmas, it was on my wish list, but unfortunately I didn’t receive it. Fast forward two months and it’s now mine, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Flowerbomb is quite an intense fragrance, much more sweet than what I would normally choose, however it makes it the perfect evening scent and means I can now switch between my favourites from day to night. I found this Viktor & Rolf eau de parfum via Love The Sales. You may remember that I mentioned this website last year. They scour the internet to find the best sale picks from just about every brand you could ever imagine. Lots of my favourite brands are on there, so Love The Sales is firmly bookmarked in my browser, especially now that I’ve found they sell this beautiful fragrance. In fact, they have a whole range of women’s perfumes available from many designer brands at prices perhaps cheaper than what you’ve previously found.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

As for the Flowerbomb fragrance itself, like I said it’s quite a sweet floral scent, but because of it’s floral tones I feel it makes it great for any season of the year. For those who enjoy a sweeter scent, you may wish to use Flowerbomb day and night. For now I’ve only worn it whilst heading out for the evening, but as I get used to the new fragrance, it may grow on me and I may use it in the day too.

I always find that with perfumes. At first they can smell a little strong, but after a while you become so used to the scent that you find you can no longer smell it at all!

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

Not only is the scent super cute, but the packaging is beautiful too. It’s a gorgeous rose gold, dusky pink bottle with a a little resin black logo around the neck of the bottle. It’s the perfect addition to any ladies dressing table and the perfect bloggers companion!

Do you own Flowerbomb? What is your favourite scent? Have you heard about Love The Sales before?


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