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Over the last couple of weeks I have been trialling three beauty products from Misfit Cosmetics – Blackhead Extraction Paste, Shine Teeth Whitening Powder and Slumber Natural Sleep Oil. The Christmas period is generally a time of over indulging, and changes in my diet often affect my skin, especially on my face. Ever since I was a young teenager, I have suffered from blemishes, and if I drink higher quantities of alcohol or have more dairy products in my diet than normal, I find I suffer from more outbreaks. As expected, this happened over Christmas and so it was a perfect opportunity to begin using Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Extraction Paste. Designed to both cleanse your pores and polish the skin, this bamboo charcoal paste peels off once set.

Peel off charcoal face mask

Previously, I had never tried a peel off mask and was concerned of how easy it would be to get off, but actually it came off with very little fuss at all. I found that not only did it cleanse my skin, but it removed any dry skin and any left over make-up residuals from my face. I could quite literally see it stripping my skin of all the rubbish it endures every day.

Charcoal teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is something I’ve discussed on my blog before, and I have previously used teeth whitening strips which I found to show immediate results but were never long lasting. Now that I’ve invested in a great electric toothbrush, I have found my teeth are naturally now whiter. However, I would still love to have a brighter white smile. Shine Teeth Whitening Powder uses natural and non-harsh ingredients, producing a whiter smile more safely. Although I’ve used teeth whitening strips before, many of them can be very bad for your teeth, and so I was excited to use something different that works with natural ingredients.

Charcoal teeth whitening

The activated carbon promotes great oral hygiene by altering the PH levels in your moth. It absorbs the plaque that damages your teeth and restores them to their white potential. This is particularly great if you have any stubborn stains from coffee or wine. I know that since I’ve began drinking coffee, a couple of my teeth are starting to show signs of staining so this product has come in very useful to help tackle them.

Living in London means I live a very manic life at times. The daily commute can cause unnecessary stress and headaches. Add to this a heavy workload, a busy blogging schedule, and I can find it hard to switch off at night. I’ve never had a problem with sleeping but I find that on particularly crazy days, my mind can’t switch off and I find myself dreaming about work or my blog. Misfit Cosmetics Slumber natural sleep oil uses proven therapeutic scents of lavender to help relax the mind and body. I will now use a couple of drops on my pillow if I’ve had an exhausting day, but you can also use this in the bath or an oil burner. Next weekend I have some time to myself, so I will treat myself to a relaxing soak.


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