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Woolovers Christmas stocking

Christmas isn’t complete without a Christmas stocking, and no one does stockings better than WoolOvers. This beautiful red and white fairisle patterned stocking is made from 100% pure wool and measuring 73cm in height, it is large enough to fit all of your loved one’s gifts inside.

I remember as a child always having a stocking at the end of my bed, and I have continued the tradition as I’ve grown older and moved out into my own home with Stew. We both have a stocking that we fill with gifts to each other, every Christmas, and I can’t wait to do the same when we have children one day.

My parents always tell me about their fond memories of me opening my stocking. When I woke up I would drag it into my parents bedroom, sit in between them and open everything before heading downstairs. I even remember one year, I woke up in the middle of the night, crawled down to the end of my bed and felt around in the dark to see if Santa had been and had filled it up. Sadly there was a teddy bear sitting in the top of it, and as I felt it’s soft fur, I immediately jumped back into bed and was sure that Santa would know, revisit and take everything away again. Haha!

WoolOvers stocking
WoolOvers stocking

I can’t wait to make similar memories one day with my own kids. This time of year is always so much more special I find, when you have young children around. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoy my own stocking, and I’ve never had one quite as special as this WoolOvers one. It’s so soft and I love the pattern. Plus it had pom-poms hanging from the back. How cute?!

WoolOvers hand knitted stocking
Personalised Christmas stocking

Not only have WoolOvers kindly sent me this stocking, but they’ve also personalised it for me with my initials. I’ve never had my very own stocking with my name on before. So this is extra special. And to top things off, they’ve filled it with lots of red and white wrapped presents. How exciting! I’ve decided to open half of them for the purpose of this blog post but I’m going to keep the other half for Christmas day, as I don’t have too many surprises to open this year. That’s the only trouble with getting older, you know what to expect, or if like me, you have such a concise Christmas wish list and make sure everyone knows exactly what to get you. Thus taking the surprise out of Christmas. So I’m really excited to open the rest of these on Christmas day.

WoolOvers hand knitted stocking


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