Outfit // Oh hey Sydney!

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Sydney, Sydney skyline, Ultimo, Australia
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Sweet Monday, outfit
Sydney, Anzac bridge, Australia
Sweet Monday blog
Sweet Monday
Jumper – Topman // Trousers – Uniqlo // Shoes – Topshop

Sooo I may have found one of the most impressive back drops to take outfit photos in front of! This is the view from our building’s rooftop terrace of the city. Isn’t it beautiful?! I don’t think there’s many people who live in Sydney and have this view. There’s lots of cute benches up there too so we can’t wait to enjoy breakfast whilst watching the world go by once it’s a little warmer. 
Although I’ve blogged about these trousers and shoes before, the jumper is a new find in the shape of menswear brand Topman. I was on the hunt for a black jumper for so long, who knew it could be so hard to find a plain black jumper?! Topshop had a couple but they were all $80+ which I wasn’t prepared to spend on something I’ll probably only get a couple of months use out of. When I ventured up the escalator to Topman to meet Stew he pointed out this fluffy ensemble for just $40! Such a bargain and what man is going to wear a black fluffy jumper?! I guess some might, but I definitely don’t think it looks too manly that’s for sure. It’s hard to tell in these photos but it’s full on fluff!
Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. I’ve enjoyed a couple of days out this week with a friend I met whilst interning. Unfortunately she leaves this weekend to go back home to Adelaide. I’m going to be gutted to see her go. We’ve got on so well over the last couple of weeks and it’s been lovely to have a girl to hang out with and window shop with whilst Stew’s at work. That’s the toughest part about traveling, the wonderful people you meet and then have to say goodbye too. 

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