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I've been dying to blog about these beautiful chocolates by Nectar & Stone for so long! The lady behind these little pyramids of heaven is Caroline Khoo, single handedly crafting a range of delicious sweet treats from chocolates to cakes to macarons and biscuits. Based in Melbourne, I have followed Caroline on Instagram for a couple of months now and become quite addicted. Not only to her wonderful desserts but also to the stunning photos she takes of them. If you're on Instagram I highly recommend following her account, even if you're not from Melbourne or Australia. It will blow your mind!!

Last week I helped arrange a beauty event at my internship and was delighted to see these pack of 4 pink chocolates in the goodie bags. We had a couple left over so sneakily took a box each home with us. Each chocolate is bright pink in colour, filled with real oreo pieces and finished with gold leaf on top. 

Caroline has created these pyramids in just about every colour imaginable, including pastels, monochromes and ombre effect. There is plenty of inspiration to be had from this wonderful creative lady. She's certainly given me a boost to get back into baking. 

Oh and I promise I'll try to take a few hundred boxes of these bad boys back home for you all!

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  1. I can't believe these are chocolates!!! They look amazing, so amazing I wouldn't want too eat them in fact! Will deffo check her out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ohhh, I have been obsessively scrolling through Caroline 's instagram for these for months, I am so so jealous you managed to get your hands on some - how much must you love your internship right now ha? xx

    francesca | on-thebias | fashion, beauty, lifestyle

  3. These look amazing, almost too good to eat! Just checked out Caroline's Instagram and I'm already obsessed :)

    Cloudy Coconut

  4. I've seen her page on instagram before (think it was when you posted about her!) - amazing! I just wish we could get our hands on her pretty chocolates in the UK! The pastel ones are amaaaazing! x

  5. How do the chocolates taste? I am guessing they must be white chocolate in order to be coloured.


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