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How to Create a Bedroom You Can’t Wait to Relax In
We’ve all heard that your bedroom should be a haven, the place you can relax and forget about the stress and the worries of the day, yet more often than not we find ourselves laying awake at night unable to unwind. So how can we turn our bedrooms into these sanctuaries of calm we hear so much about? Take a look at a few suggestions for a more peaceful slumber.

A Bedroom is for Sleeping In
Short of reading a book before bed, maybe even a kindle at a stretch, you should avoid having a tv or any other electrical items or distractions in your room. They make it harder to sleep if you’re thinking about what you’ve just watched on tv, or whether you should watch the next episode of your favourite programme on Netflix.
Read a Book
Some people are lucky enough to have enough space for a chair or even a reading area in their bedroom. A place that is just for them to escape to with a book and a cup of coffee. Or somewhere to read the Sunday papers completely uninterrupted like you used to. Heaven.
Light It Up
Or not as the case may be. You’re supposed to be relaxing in your bedroom, so you don’t want any bright lights beaming down on you from above. Consider perhaps a dimmer switch or turn the main light off and use a bedside lamp instead. You can even get coloured bulbs in pastel hues which aren’t as harsh as a bright white light and create a calming atmosphere – these are ideal for use in a bedroom.
Get Comfortable
You’ll never get a decent night’s sleep if you don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep on. If your bed is lacking in terms of comfort, why not consider buying a new one. You can get some great beds as part of George’s bedroom furniture sets, which will guarantee you a great nights sleep. And if you can’t afford a new bed, why not invest in a mattress topper and a plush new duvet and pillows to sink into each night as you fall asleep.
Look the Part
Not you, unless you particularly want to of course, your bedroom! If your room looks messy and uncluttered you’ll spend the whole time thinking you need to tidy up, or that your room look better if you just had some new furniture in it. So first thing’s first, invest in one of the great new bedroom furniture sets mentioned above and make sure it includes enough storage to house all of your belongings. There’s nothing worse than not having enough space for your clothes, nowhere to store your bedtime reading material, or nowhere to put your dirty laundry. So make a list of what you need from your bedroom and buy the pieces of furniture that reflect that.
Another great tip for creating your oasis of calm is to decorate your bedroom in muted hues. Bright colours keep the mind active, when all you want is to fall asleep. If all else fails buy some comfy new pyjamas and have a hot drink before bed – you’ll be counting zed’s in no time!

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