Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Outfit // Bold Leopard Print Playsuit

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Playsuit - Jfahri // Boots - Hype DC // Lipstick - Mac 'Morange'

I've had so much trouble trying to upload this post. My photos keep uploading into blogger weirdly, having lost all brightness and contrast as well as looking very grainy. I found out via a few of my followers on Twitter that Google+ has started 'auto enhancing' photos. Except their form of auto enhance is actually to make them look awful. I was told you just need to uncheck the option in your settings on Google+ however this hasn't changed anything. Unless it's just my Mac making them look weird?! 

Do my lips look bright orange? It's Morange by Mac and it's almost a luminous neon colour. To me they look a dull peach colour. Wahh :(

Back to the outfit... This is my new playsuit from Jfahri. The boutique I work at in Melbourne. I have to wear their clothing to work with me and luckily I love everything they sell! It's quite a bold print but I really like it. 

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  1. I need that lipstick it's so beautiful xx

  2. I am in love with this playsuit, loving the oversized leopard print! xo

  3. I hope blogger fixes itself for you! These pictures look lovely though! I adore this playsuit and I think the orange lipstick really compliments your skin tone! x

  4. Blogger can be such a pain sometimes! Especially with photos.
    Really lovely playsuit.
    And love your lipstick colour.


  5. That playsuit is just so darn pretty! x

  6. The photos look right to me Kimmy, morange looks like it's normal colour :) the playsuit looks amazing against the black wall too!

    Also I've lost my phone (wah) so can't whatsapp you back, unless I can log into my whatsapp from Josh's phone I'm not sure. If not I will facebook message you at some point :) xx

  7. They look bright orange to me! I've heard of quite a few people having these problems - argh.
    Love the playsuit though.

  8. Gorgeous playsuit! It looks unreal on you :D
    I think that's cool that you can wear awesome clothes from that boutique as work wear


Thank you for all of your sweet comments.

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